I found out what year MC4 WAS SET!

Share this with everyone you know on the wiki or an MC player! This is big news!

In the single-player campaign mission Terminus, which takes place in a train station, there are these little black boards that you can find that says the date.

You will need to enter full screen in order to see it. (Campaign)

It says the date is August 20, 2037. So, based on this information, we can assume Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was set somewhere in 2037, maybe the beginning was 2036, maybe the ending was in 2038.

In the multiplayer map Fracture, which is based around Terminus,
Fracture 2037

You will need to full screen in order to see it. (Multiplayer map Fracture)

the same black boards say 2037.

Pretty cool, right? Try going to your MC4 and check whether these boards also say August 20, 2037. SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE ON THIS WIKI YOU KNOW! We never knew when the game was set until now, where we have an approximation.

In-game, be sure to keep you eyes peeled for details like these!

Do you think the developers are trolling/misleading us with this?

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