Okay. Let me explain what I'm on about.

A couple of minutes ago, I'm on MC4, playing some Team Battle on Blockbuster. I'm having a blast, the lobby has no Compakts, I'm rocking the CTK-1410, going 20 kills and 8 deaths. Meanwhile, everyone else is using weapons that require skill. I remember the MVP on the opposing team even was wielding a Black Mamba with a Throwing knife.

Anyway, our team is about to win. We have 48 kills. I'm heading up to the OG camper spot, the one next to the long hallway on the second floor of the movie theater overlooking the car on the streets. As I head towards the hallway, I spot two dudes close to each other, heading towards the room. I fire. All of a sudden, both of them collapse and we win the match. All that is going through my mind is WTF.

I got both of them with one bullet.

Collaterals aren't too big a surprise to me, since I've gotten so many of them before with the R780. But a collateral with the CTK-1410? HOW? HOW? HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN?

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