I have kept this masterpiece on my iPad for three years. I have had so many great memories of quad feeds, or the four-minute nuke that I achieved with the Shred-4 on Alert. But, its time to say goodbye. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, I admire you, but you have to go. And here's why.

I have played the single-player campaign at least ten times, and even though the storyline is better than MC4's, I enjoy playing MC4's campaign more because it has more variety. Blood Sand, Surgical Strikes, Dragon King of the Sea? All you are doing in those missions are running into endlessly respawning enemies. MC4 has more variety. You pilot drones, there are more quicktime events, and just feels less tedious overall.

But the main reason why I deleted Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was because of the multiplayer. I try to log in, and when I do, there is no one. There are always 30 people online, and apparently none of them are playing. They're just chilling in the menu, or checking out the weapons, because every time I find a match, there's no one in it. It always brings me to Team Battle on Recon, and there's nobody there. And when someone joins and we start playing, they leave the match. I know that its because of the very unstable servers, people get logged out for no reason, but this is very annoying. I would prefer getting slaughtered by the Compakt-665 in MC4 than trying to find a match in MC3. It is just madness! Not only that, occasionally I get disconnected too, even though I run on a 5 GHZ connection.

So, MC3, I wish a Modern Combat with your weapon balance would come back, and you were the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on mobile, but I had to let you go. You are taking 1 GB from my memory.

I still play MC4, though. You can friend me. I play on my Facebook account, because for some reason it won't let me log into my Gameloft Live! account.

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