We need to do something about hackers. In every video game, a hacker is a problem, we all know that. But I'm only specifically targeting hackers on Modern Combat because this is the Modern Combat wiki.

First of all, if you're going to hack, you don't deserve to play the game. A game is supposed to be a fair environment where people can compete and enjoy themselves. By hacking, you're taking all of these factors that makes a game a game and throwing it into the garbage. And you're also embarrassing yourselves.

Unfortunately, Modern Combat is starting to become filled with these little shits that needs hacks so they can get good.

In Modern Combat 2, you have the f**king hack that allows you to have infinite ammunition and your bullets insta-kill people upon impact. I can't count the number of times I've played recently that some dude breaks out a MAC11

If you see the _borrach0_ dude on the other team, back out. He is running the infinite-ammuntion and insta-gib hacks. I have reported him though.

with his infinite ammunition and insta-gib hacks and stands in the center of a Battle match on Temple, Avalanche, or Warehouse and starts spraying in every which direction and there's nothing anybody else can do to avoid being killed.

I never experienced that much hacking in Modern Combat 3 (ironically) so I won't be covering my opinions on that.

For Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - the game is littered with a shit-ton of nooby hackers using a shit ton of their overpowered hacks. There's the hack where you can shoot people as they spawn from across the map regardless if they're behind a ton of cover. There's the speed hack. There's the infinite ammunition hack. All of these hacks are predictably, the most annoying thing about this game.

I'm not even going to mention how much of a shit-fest Modern Combat 5 is with all the hacks on it. It'll just make the blog post (and me writing it) even sadder.

EVERY single goddamn time I see one of these hackers, and they kill me, or even when I'm on their team and I see them wrecking the other team up, I put down my iPad and sink my face into my hands.

So everybody, if you see a hacker, ban them here. Be sure to ban the _borrach0_ dude I have up there. He was on Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus on version 1.2.6. Let's get that fool out of the way and done with.

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