IMG 0562

Avoid this dude. Note he killed my teammate with the Compakt, as seen in the killfeed.

IMG 0565

And his lil' tryhard best friend at his side.

Avoid these tryhards. These two people, with the clan tag "SiDe" or something, are some of the biggest tryhards I have ever seen. If you see these two, back out of the lobby immediately.

It started out innocently, I was just playing some Barebone, and then these two people joined and spoiled the fun for all of us, even their teammates. Before that, everyone was certainly having a blast. Everyone was running either the X6 .338, the R780, the Black Mamba, and the KR-200. Then these two join and they ruin the fun for everyone. Here is why:

1. They play in a party, so regardless, they are on the same team.

2. They must have been hacking. They had perks in Barebone, since they had 4 shots with their grenade launchers, two grenades, and a suspiciously larger blast radius for their explosives.

3. They used the nooby 40mm Thor GLP as their secondary. And they had Explosives Expert equipped, thanks to their hacks.

4. They always ran the Compakt-665 with a Sound Suppressor.

5. They had access to MILITARY SUPPORT on Barebone! They called in a Recon Aircraft, a Hover Drone, and an Artillery.

There are a lot of tryhards on MC4, but I chose these two to stand out. They were hacking in Barebone, they had perks in Barebone, they had military support on Barebone.

These people were so disgusting that I had to take a bath after the match. And I had just taken a bath when I hopped on MC4 and joined a Barebone match.

I already reported these two people to Gameloft. For now, I recommend backing out of the lobby if you see both of these f**kers on the same team on Barebone.

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