Here are five things I despise in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. These have to do with gameplay and not with other stuff. This will be focusing on the multiplayer.

I will not be including hackers or glitches, just because hackers are not really applicable. They're not part of the game, they are just a disgrace to it. I really can't explain, but you guys will understand what I'm up to.

5. Noobtubing
MC4-40mm Thor GLP

Noobtubing (or using a grenade launcher as your primary) isn't quite as high as I know a lot of you should expect to see on this list. But I feel like noobtubing is less a problem in Zero Hour than in Blackout or Fallen Nation. Those games had very frequent noobtubing. But still, noobtubing in Zero Hour is very, very, annoying. Nothing can kill faster. Even if you down an enemy with your one-hit kill Mamba, or shotgun, or sniper rifle, they will get that shot off as you kill them, and then it's too late. You are dead as well.

Also, just like MC3, you have Explosives Expert, which increases the effective radius and overall radius of your explosives.

And you have Ammo Pack, so you can carry up to 4 grenades upon spawning.

Noobtubing in Zero Hour is definitely infuriating, especially if you find a lobby where your foes are all doing it.

4. The Compakt-665

Oh, yeah. The most overused gun in any Modern Combat to date. And also one of the most overpowered.

This is a completely superior UFIA PSD-2, with the exception of view kick, but then again, the Compakt has the FAR superior centerspeed, making the overall recoil just as low as the UFIA.

This gun is used by every single mother**king tryhard in Modern Combat 4. And they're just doing it to up their kill/death ratio. I will admit, when I first got MC4, the 665 was the second weapon I purchased, first being the Jolt-7 MP, and then I got 1000 kills with the Compakt and removed it from my load out and never used it again.

If you play Battle in Zero Hour, well, expect to be swarmed by tryhards with the Scrubpakt.

And most of all, there are so many other weapons in Zero Hour that are more fun, are less overpowered, and, if you have skill, equally as effective. You are only using one out of the twenty-one total weapons in this game. And you have no skill. All you do is point your crosshairs on your enemy and hold down the fire button, because the hip fire is so goddamn good on this weapon.

If you run this weapon with the Sound Suppressor, and your secondary is a NOOBTUBE, I'm sorry, but you are a disgrace to the Modern Combat community. That is purely my opinion, but I will look at you as a disgrace.

So, the Compakt-665, extremely rage-inducing. Not only because it's OP, but also for it being frequently used by scrubs online in Zero Hour.

3. Terrible spawning

Terrible spawning is an issue in almost every Modern Combat game to date, but I feel like it is constant in Zero Hour. You might think that it is equally as constant in Modern Combat 5, and I'll agree with you. But Modern Combat 4 has a much faster time to kill than in Blackout, so, more rage-inducing.

There are so many times where I would die, and then spawn at the same spot I died, and a swarm of enemies are two feet in front of me. Then I get blasted by a grenade launcher, or sprayed with the Scrubpakt, or got stuck by a sticky grenade, or just get knifed.

F*ck terrible spawning, if you guys have gotten at least 5 truly awful spawns in Zero Hour and got killed right after, you will agree with me on how f**king annoying this is. I might have to explain why the Scrubpakt is annoying, but awful spawns are self-explanatory.

2. Proximity Mine
MC4-Proximity Mine

Honestly, #1 and #2 could go either way. Seriously. So if you disagree with how #1 and#2 are placed on the list, just remember that I think both of these are equally as annoying.

Starting with the Proximity Mine. Sigh...

I don't even know why this f**ker exists. Seriously. Proximity Mines are so annoying when I get killed by a Proximity Mine 4 times in a game by the same person, I leave the match.

The Proximity Mine is basically the IED from Call of Duty: Ghosts into Modern Combat, but you can't place it on walls. Thank god for that. But these things, despite their blast radius being nerfed in one of the updates, is still incredibly strong. Once you hear that beep, you're dead, not unless you're extremely lucky that the mine is placed in a doorway and you have super reflexes and back up immediately.

Not only that, the mine is tiny. Look at the Proximity Mine page if you want to get an image of how small that thing is. And it has a dark color on it! Make it have the same color of the Claymore in Call of Duty games, but no! Absolutely not! They decided for a dark color, so it is incredibly difficult to see on maps with black/grey floors, like Landfall, Blockbuster, and Overtime. In Blockbuster, campers use this thing to place it down on one of the entrances of the second floor, and then just sit in the OG hallway (you guys know what I'm talking about, the one next to the room overlooking the car on the street) and stare down the sights of their Charbtek-28s.

Proximity Mine, rage-inducing as hell.

1. Incendiary grenade
MC4-Incendiary Grenade

F**k this piece of shit. This is one of the most annoying things in any Modern Combat game. This is as annoying as Danger Close noobtubes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Incendiaries are extremely powerful, have a decent radius, and are seen constantly in public matches. I'm willing to say that 30% of my 16,000+ deaths on Zero Hour are caused by incendiary grenade noobs.

There have just been so, so many times where I'm shooting a noob, and he dies, but chucks an incendiary grenade at me a millisecond before he dies and I get killed too.

Not only that, sometimes when noobs know that they have low health, they just chuck an incendiary grenade directly in front of them, consuming their lives and your lives, meaning that you don't get the XP and the kill!

So why did Montreal think that this should have returned from Fallen Nation? One of the big problems with Fallen Nation's multiplayer was the incendiary grenade. And in MC4, it has much higher damage per second and because of this, a higher lethal radius.

F**K this piece of equipment. Bucharest had a good decision on incendiary grenades not returning in MC5. Sure, you had Impact grenades, but with the extremely slow time to kill in Blackout, these incendiary grenades would be infinitely more popular than the impact grenade.

Honorable Mentions

The Concussion grenade. Montreal literally brought back the MC2 grenades and made them more powerful. MC2's grenades were already annoying enough, and with an increased blast radius, these are EXTREMELY annoying. And noobs use this thing similarly to the Incendiary. However, this grenade is only effective if you strike the grenade very close to the target.

The Sticky grenade. If someone knows that you are upstairs, or at the wall right next to them, simple. They just chuck it at the wall and get you. And with Explosives Expert, this is ridiculously powerful.

Whaddaya think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

- Enzo

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