• Make the Luks-MK2 a pistol with fully automatic controls and with more mag capacity
  • Make the Acer 21 burst configuration
  • RELOAD ANIMATIONS especially for the KR-200
  • Faster rate for the Compakt-665
  • A severe nerf for the Red-34 because everyone uses it and it's so overpowered
  • More power for the Aresk-07 because it's the convention for Modern Combat that bolt-action has a one shot one kill mechanism
  • Make the KR-200 fully automatic and make the UFIA PSD-2 a burst action because a UFIA has high power and I want to see the AK types fully automatic like the KT-44. And it's the convention that AK-47s are always fully automatic.
  • Add a tier 6 gun for every class
  • Make the sidearms customizable between weapon types; they ruined it when we can only select pistols as sidearms.

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