So we've been playing MC5 for a month and quite a lot of things have been discovered. However, when I see people with the Heavy class I always see people with the Sering 9. But I don't like it, because just like the Volkhov, it's a troll weapon and it requires yourself just pointing the gun at the general direction of the enemy and pressing the fire button, and you kill your enemy with little effort. 

I know everyone likes to use strong weapons, but the funny thing is that it takes away your skill at FPS. That's why I decided to talk a little bit about the use of pump-action shotguns such as the Romket, BMF and SMASS. 

First thing using these shotguns, always aim for the head. People say that you never aim with a shotgun, but you sometimes have to. However it is not that you need to use it like a sniper rifle, aiming the sights forever (you'll get killed eventually), you need to try to aim for the head. And you also need speed. You can use the so-called shotgun rapid fire glitch which is initiated by firing, quickly pressing the aim button, fire, and zoom out, and then fire again, and repeat the process above. The performance of this glitch is found on Youtube, so try to look for it. 

Next thing is trying to get as near as possible to the enemy. This requires practice, for the enemies will either gun you down or knife you, so you need to shoot him/her before he has the chance to do so. For this part, you need to use your head a little bit. If an enemy is below you, you can just jump down right next to that guy and finish him. A tactic I use with the Romket is where you show yourself, shoot the enemy, alert him, hide somewhere and lure him, and kill him from the back. 

Shotguns require luck sometimes.  For example, you might kill a guy when you least expect it. You think you miss but you sometimes hit the guy. 

If this helps with you on the use of shotguns, then I'm happy. Any opinion is welcome below on the comment sections.

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