Although there weren't any information about MC5 multiplayer (with the exception of specializations), we are 1 million percent sure that we're gonna have one of these Compakt-like weapons which outgun every single guy in the room. So I thought that it's a good opportunity to look back at the history of OVERPOWERED WEAPONS. 

Modern Combat 3

With no doubts, MC3 was the best Modern Combat ever.  Although Ysbert says that there are no OP weapons in this game, I think not. I have found quite a few ones I felt that it was OP.

1. OPS55

Seriously, this SMG was very powerful. High rate of fire, good accuracy, and good damage.  Almost all weapons proved useless against this gun. It was also very mobile, so people just moved around sideways and killed me before I have time to react.  Cheaters always use this so that they can get the most kills and troll the crowd as much as possible.  

2. TZ4-Compakt

This gun had excellent accuracy, good damage and range. No attachments were needed at all. If you play with this gun on the iPad, even in long maps like Alert you can use an iron sight to take down a sniper on the other side of the map. The only gun that can outgun this is like the OPS or the KT44.

3. TXR-Reaper

The father of today's Krube-37. This was worse than the OPS. It literally has almost zero recoil and just kills you on sight.

Modern Combat 4

This game was a different battlefield than MC3.  Lower fire rates, more attachments and new functions changed combat experience.  So OP weapons emerged taking advantage of this. 

1. Compakt-665

Noobs use this. Pros use this. Every rank match I go, every custom match I join, at least on guy has this weapon. With its mobile, accurate and fast gun, it outgunned everyone, except Charbtek 28 and Volkhov. It just acts like a Assault-Submachine gun. You can't just win! I bought this weapon, but I still prefer the CTK because its range is longer, and it has higher damage.

2. Volkhov-12

Now, in close range combat no matter what weapon you bring, even the Compakt gets outgunned by this full-auto Saiga 12. It just literally trolls the enemy and make them rage quit. I use this only if everyone is trolling me with the same weapons or some OP weapon. You don't need any accuracy on this gun because in point blank range every bullet will surely hit the target. Just aim hastily and press the fire button.

Now, the only OP weapon I'm sure of in MC5 is the Krube-37. It just literally looks like the TXR and with low visual recoil and fast rate of fire, I bet that this is going to be the next generation of troll weapons.

Any opinions? Comments are welcome! But no abusive ones!

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