So we saw the E3 gameplays but I'm not happy with this. This is still at development stage but it better be good by the day they release this. Some parts were improved, but some parts totally suck. 

First of all, weapons. I was looking forward for the KR to be full-auto and back to the MC3's AK47, but it disappointed me. I mean, why does the AK have so low recoil? It's way way too low. We don't even need a foregrip for any of these weapons. And the reload animation. What kind of reloading is that? Reload animations are so boring like MC4!  I saw the Hawk 13 and I expected to be a one hell-yeah type of a weapon but look at the unbalanced stats between the recoil and the firepower. When I checked the devs using it, it doesn't have any recoil but kills enemies in one shot or something. It's worse than MC4 where Compakts and CTKs dominated the world. 

And for the Bosk 3's holographic sight, the sight is abnormally huge and while aiming you literally see nothing around you. And the crosshair designs. They look too primitive, the ones in MC3 and MC4 were better. The sprinting animation sucks. 

I wish the devs would be more sensible in developing this. 

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