Hello! I just came back from a 3-day trip from Hong Kong. I needed to attend an important seminar about difficult subjects. Hopefully Hong Kong was only 1 hour behind Tokyo, so I didn't have any jet lag.

First impression of Hong Kong: Hot and humid. The temperature can go high up as 30 degrees centigrade. So if you go inside buildings, air conditioning is everywhere, and it can be heaven if you were outside for too long. Also, they speak Cantonese, which is different from Mandarin (which I'm learning currently). Hopefully the people also speak English.

The scenery was great. If you go to a cable car that leads to the highest point of Hong Kong Island (which is not very high), you see the whole view of the city. It was very beautiful, with the tall, thin buildings and the large harbor. Also, if you go sightseeing, you'll find that you need to eat a lot. Restaurants would bombard you with loads of Chinese food. If you like Chinese food (like me), then it's a great place to visit.


View of Hong Kong

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