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  • I live in Japan
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is A student, a philosopher, a contributor, a mathematician
  • I am otaku
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    I'm Back!!

    January 28, 2016 by DT Philosopher

    Hey guys. It's DT here. I became extremely busy with schoolwork and studies, all that sort of stuff, but nowadays I'm doing fine at school so I decided that I should come back to this place and play my role as an admin once again. 

    I still enjoy MC3, 4, 5 (although I play 4 more than the other two) and I think there is something I can still do here. 

    Hope you guys are doing well. I'm happy to see how the wiki community expanded compared to the size it was last time I was here. Great job. 

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  • DT Philosopher

    Since it has been around 9 months since the initial release of Modern Combat 5: Blackout, I reckon that in another 5 months or so Gameloft will announce Modern Combat 6. To be honest, I think that the devs of MC5 did a great job on weapons I was really happy with the choice of weapons and the addition of LMGs, and the similarities with Battlefield (which I always wanted). Anyway, I'd like to elaborate on a few things about my wishlist of weapons that will appear on MC6. I know that they won't appear all at once, but some would help.

    • ARX-160
    • AK-12
    • AAC Honey Badger
    • FN SCAR
    • FN FAL←May be too old? Was there a modern variant of this?
    • AS Val
    • HK416
    • FAMAS F1
    • Kel-Tec RFB
    • TAR21

    • CBJ MS
    • MP7
    • MPX
    • UMP45
    • PP19 Bizon
    • MSMC (Modern Sub Machine Carbine)
    • Skorpion EVO

    • SPAS 12
    • SPAS…

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  • DT Philosopher
    • Make the Luks-MK2 a pistol with fully automatic controls and with more mag capacity
    • Make the Acer 21 burst configuration
    • RELOAD ANIMATIONS especially for the KR-200
    • Faster rate for the Compakt-665
    • A severe nerf for the Red-34 because everyone uses it and it's so overpowered
    • More power for the Aresk-07 because it's the convention for Modern Combat that bolt-action has a one shot one kill mechanism
    • Make the KR-200 fully automatic and make the UFIA PSD-2 a burst action because a UFIA has high power and I want to see the AK types fully automatic like the KT-44. And it's the convention that AK-47s are always fully automatic.
    • Add a tier 6 gun for every class
    • Make the sidearms customizable between weapon types; they ruined it when we can only select pist…
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  • DT Philosopher

    So we've been playing MC5 for a month and quite a lot of things have been discovered. However, when I see people with the Heavy class I always see people with the Sering 9. But I don't like it, because just like the Volkhov, it's a troll weapon and it requires yourself just pointing the gun at the general direction of the enemy and pressing the fire button, and you kill your enemy with little effort. 

    I know everyone likes to use strong weapons, but the funny thing is that it takes away your skill at FPS. That's why I decided to talk a little bit about the use of pump-action shotguns such as the Romket, BMF and SMASS. 

    First thing using these shotguns, always aim for the head. People say that you never aim with a shotgun, but you sometimes h…

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  • DT Philosopher

    Hi guys! I'm back from my trip at America. All the national parks were beautiful and looked like as I were in another world. I really recommend to you guys to try to visit Sequoia, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Zion and many other parks.

    So anyway, there seems to be a lot of issues regarding abusive users. Just yesterday I saw a guy vandalizing the Red page. I had him banned. Even during my absence I see that a lot of people had been involved with inappropriate acts. This is not very good and it destroys the reputation of this wiki.

    Therefore, I demand the need for zero-tolerance method blocking against these people. What do you guys think?

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