Look. As most people who read my blogs know I've had some personality conflicts with other people here including some important editors. This is a clarification on what i think.

"Im cool on your opinion of my strategy..." - Russ (10 year fresstyle)

1. I personally think that there is some light truth to their comments, but they are hypocrits because they go and do they exact same thing, like telling everybody to stop using the Compakt-665 from MC4 (i actually agree with that)

"i dont ever follow your strut, i dont ever follow money, i just follow my gut..."- Russ (10 year freestyle) 

2. I'm just saying what i think. That's what blogs are for, but if you want to bring it to me, square up.

"its too predictible now, too political now, and im sorry if i sound a little cynical now, its just that most of my favorite rappers are invisible now..."

3. ive been quoting a rap song that applies to my view of Modern Combat. The last one was the best because the begining part relates to this. This is all about being politcally correct and you cant express yourself the way you want. And the last part. The scariest. This guy favorite rappers are invisible. The same will happen to the Modern Combat series.

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