MC6 needs to go big or go home after the disaster of MC5. This is a list of what i want.

1.Weapon Types

PISTOLS- to make this game more realistic, we need different weapons. We need 2 revolvers, 2 semi-autos, 2 burst, and to auto. The .44 revolver was good-looking and fun to use. It should be a 1-hit kill with good accuracy, but high recoil and muzzle flash and a DECENT rate of fire. Then they should make a black mamba with less damage and less recoil than the .44, but a faster rate of fire. 

Now we need semi-autos. A Berreta M9 with great accuracy, decent damage, low recoil, and decent muzzle flash. The 2nd should be the classic Desert Eagle.

For the burst, a Glock-18 is okay. Low damage PER BULLET (NOT PER BURST), ect. Then add some random 3-round burst pistol like the B-23R.

Finally, the auto. Both the Vinny pro and the Mac 10 were perfect weapons all around and needed skill to use, so they're perfect.

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