4. ARs- 2 DMRs, 3 autos, and 2 burst.

A DMR is a weapon to take shots from a meduim range, like the TZ4 Compact or the Charbtek-28 in MC4, and has high power, high recoil, bad hipfire accuracy, decent rate of fire, but great when you aim down sights.

Then, the autos should have an ACM, UFIA PSD-2, and a BRAVEL-1. All decent weapons with differnt strengths and weaknesses. 

Finally, the KR-200 and the Maiden (in a 4-round burst fire mode).

5. LMGs- I personally don't like LMGs. At all. Especially in MC5 with that perk that each kill will reload your clip instantly, but MC3 had 1 great LMG. The Shred-4 was perfect. An LMG is used for wall-bangs and sprays of surpressing fire to clear a room or for forcing hostiles into cover as teammates move in for the kill or (as the name suggests) "Shred-ing" enemies. More LMGs of this type are needed. But they cant all be the same, so some should be lighter and have less recoil or heavy but with more damage.

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