I am new to this website. Well, I've read, but never blogged. Just remember to comment and leave feedback.

I am one of those crazy loyal Modern combat fans who has played since MC2, so, naturally, I bought MC5 3 hours after it came out. I loved the graphics and small details, but the guns, animations (except for the melee), noobs, and campaign killed it. Now that pathetic excuse for a game in the modern combat series has been delted from my ipad. Permenamtly. This is why.

3 letters. LGR. Enough said. The most annoying thing of all these MANY annoying things was going 19-0 or 20-0 and some noob spawns in and we all know what happens next.

I was really excited for the metal DLC but instead of getting beautiful console quality graphics, the game lagged A LOT MORE. It was a huge disapointment. And i wont go into the colors. They were just painful.

LGR. E24 SASR. BOSK3. KOG. PR39. The names we all have come to dread. When we see the sign of some one using them, we all know what is gonna happen. Might as well quit the lobby.

The only things i liked were the gun camos and the melee animations, even though the melee couldve been a bit smoother and quicker.

Over time, I'll write more, but i covered most of MC5.

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