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  • Corrupt715

    MC2 In Depth Review

    January 21, 2016 by Corrupt715

    Modern Combat 2 was the first Modern Combat I ever played. It grew my love for the Modern Combat series and i still play it today. Here are the reasons this game has aged so well.

    1. weapons- All weapons had strengths and weaknesses except for the AK-47 Gold and the MN106 Camo. Those are the only weapons I think are OP, although i know many will disagree and say the AK Silenced and th MN silenced were also overpowered. 

    2. progression system- i liked the idea of getting XP unlock weapons, but after playing MC5, im not sure that would work in future games, but MC2 handled it fine.

    3. the simplicity- it was good not having to worry about perks. Personally, i never used any and got kil after kil after kill.

    4. maps- they were all beautiful and gr…

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  • Corrupt715

    Equipment Wishlist

    January 19, 2016 by Corrupt715

    1. lethal- C-4 that is placed with the MC5 sticky mine animation and mechanics, sticky mine, incendiary device.

    2. defensive- shield, jammer, sentry, decoy

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  • Corrupt715

    'Nade Wishlist

    January 18, 2016 by Corrupt715

    To start this list, i want to say that the impact will not be in this list.

    1. lethal- The frag, of course, the sticky, the thermite (incendiary), and the throwing knives.

    2. non-lethal- Less powerful flash bang, stun, and tear gas

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  • Corrupt715

    Killstreak Wishlist

    January 18, 2016 by Corrupt715

    This one is easy. like in MC4, you should chose the ones you want.

    3 kills- uav, RC explosive car (RCXD)

    5 kills- controlled airstrike from MC5, controlled artillery

    7 kills- turret, ground drone, hover drone

    9 kills- Helo support, EMP

    15 kills- bomber, tank(?)

    20 kills- Nuke

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  • Corrupt715

    Final Weapon Wishlist

    January 18, 2016 by Corrupt715

    i realized i forgot shotguns. The DBS-4 suprised me because it was a sawed off and was actually good but not OP. They should make a double barrel shot gun and have the option to saw it off as an attachment which adds more damage, less accuracy, less range, and more mobility. The MC3 Defiler was perfect all around, an auto like the ROAR 3000, and the R780.

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