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Torres is a US soldier that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit


Operation BlockbusterEdit

This is Private Torres. I've got one wounded. Requesting support and medevac.
—Torres' first line in the game (about Mendoza)

Private Torres, a member of Anvil 1, first appeared with his partner, PFC Mendoza, who was injured in his leg. Cpl Walker and Cpt Turner, having heard his call for backup, stumble upon them near a collapsed building. They provide cover for the two privates and destroy the overpass near them to prevent KPR tanks from progressing through the city. After all the enemies are eliminated, Walker and Turner leave them to continue to an extraction point. He survives the battle along with Mendoza and is safely extracted from the war zone.


Torres was one of the Anvil 1 soldiers who participated in destroying several American cities. He was the one who destroyed the Edward Avenue Bridge after he detonated the C4 that was strapped to the bridge by his fireteam. He was extracted via Helo.

Thunder HillEdit

Torres is only heard and not seen, as he only tells Walker and Mendoza that reinforcements have arrived and asked about Cpt Turner, who was KIA in battle. He later tells Walker that he is being assigned to Phantom Unit, under the command of Sgt Downs. He was last heard there, as Walker was seperated from Anvil 1 following the battle.

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