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> For the similar sight in Zero Hour and Blackout, see Thermal LCD.

The Thermal Scope is an optical attachment in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Red Dot Sight   Holographic Sight   ACOG Scope   Thermal Scope    
Thermal Scope
MC3-Thermal Scope
Based onATN ThOR
EffectHighlights enemies
CostMC3 Credit6,000


The Thermal Scope is only seen twice in the campaign, in the missions Cold-Blooded and Chaos Factory, on the player's Intercept-L200, along with a Suppressor.


The Thermal Scope can be purchased for 6000 credits for any primary weapon in Modern Combat 3. The Thermal has a 5x zoom, approximately half as much a the Sniper Scope, though it has a smaller field of vision, and enemy players show up white on a greyscale background, making them easier to spot. The Thermal Scope is almost always seen attached to Sniper Rifles, as the long zoom makes using it on other weapons difficult. If the player can deal with the loss of field of vision, the Thermal Scope can greatly help players who are not used to sniping.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with the ACOG Scope, the Thermal Scope is the only optical attachment usable on every primary weapon in Modern Combat 3's multiplayer.


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