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Temple is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

LocationSouth America
TerrainTemple ruins
ArchetypeShort and mid range combat
MissionThe Great Escape Pt. 2

Temple is a medium size map based from the beginning of the campaign mission The Great Escape Pt. 2. It mainly consists of a large open area containing many crates and rocks that can be used for cover. On one side of this, an opening leads partway into the surrounding jungle. On the opposite side, two openings lead into a small walled area. Engagements are almost always at short or medium range. Snipers can often be found placed on the far edge of both sides, as there is no worry about being flanked.

Capture the Flag is a popular game mode, due to the layout of the large open area serving as a middle ground between the two sides. Battle can be somewhat chaotic with large numbers of players due to the open center area containing a number of spawn points.

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