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WO1 Anderson: Walker, take point. I'm behind you.

WO1 Anderson: Contact. Take them out.

WO1 Anderson: Good work. Let's go

WO1 Anderson: This is Anderson. We've reached the observation post.

Move to the missile battery.

Sgt. Downs: Area clear

WO1 Anderson: Adrenaline rush

Sgt. Downs: Never gets old

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WO1 Anderson: Got tangos down there.

WO1 Anderson: got to take down hat wall. Downs, we need a bombardment to take down that wall.

WO1 Anderson: You're off by ten degrees.

WO1 Anderson: Okay, the wall is breached

Sgt. Downs: Infiltrate the airfield. [We need to take down] a generator and a fuel tank.

WO1 Anderson: need to rig some C4 on the gen

Sgt. Downs: Walker, Anderson, KPR troops are attacking the outpost

Guess we [won't be having] fire support anymore.

WO1 Anderson: Got some enemy armor. Hell, there is two of us we can take them out.

WO1 Anderson: Go see if you an find something useful in that small building

WO1 Anderson: Hostile reinforcements inbound!

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