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The Stun grenade is an incapacitating grenade that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It works with the same principe as the Fragmentation grenade, but it contains rubber balls and CS gas instead of gunpowder.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Flash grenade   Stun grenade    
Stun Grenade
MC3-Stun Grenade
Likely based onIsreali Defence Force stun grenade
Radius10 meters
Starting ammo1
EffectStuns targets
UnlockedRank 20
CostMC3 Credit16,000
Slows down any opponent inside radius of affect.
—In-game description

The Stun Grenade is one of two different tactical grenades that appear in Fallen Nation. It is best used when turning corners, as an enemy may be around, and will be incapacitated long enough to be ambushed. It will greatly reduce movement speed and sensitivity but is easily countered by running. It's ability to incapacitate the enemy by slowing down their movement is a valuable tool for killing an enemy player.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Flash   Sting   Tear gas   EMP    
Stun Grenade
MC4-Stun Grenade
Likely based onM84 stun grenade
Radius5 meters
EffectStuns and disorients targets
CostMC4 Cost 8,000

The R70-CS Stun Grenade (RosArms 'Bee Swarm' R70-CS Incapacitating Grenade) is a fragmentation grenade manufactured by Rosarms Industries. Those standing within a 5-meter radius are hurt by the rubber shrapnel and disoriented by the CS gas.

These grenades detonate upon impact with the ground, and has a stun and damaging effect, severely affecting the enemy's ability to counter-attack. The Stun Grenade is effective for close-range defense, as two hits will kill an enemy. However, in these situations it is important to avoid hitting yourself.

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  • It is the first new grenade since Sandstorm that wasn't a Flashbang or a Frag grenade.
  • The R70-CS' nickname is 'Bee Swarm', due to the rubber shrapnel.
  • The effect of this grenade is that of a sting grenade. However, it has the appearance of a stun (flash) grenade.