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> For the hand grenade, see Sticky grenade.

Sticky grenades are a ammunition type available for launchers in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Sticky grenades
File:MC4-Sticky grenades.png
EffectSticks to any surface, increased damage and larger blast radius
CostMC4 Cost 8,000

The Sticky Grenades are available for the 40mm Thor GLP and Kolbászky S-40 GL for 8,000 credits. When equipped, the grenades no longer detonate on impact, instead detonating after a short-medium period of time. However, the grenades can now stick to walls, and the blast radius is significantly larger. Couple Explosives Expert with a grenade launcher for an extremely lethal and large blast radius. For this reason, it is a common choice online, and can be used in a similar fashion as the hand-held Sticky grenade.

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