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The Stacker is a Prestige short-barrel rifle for the Sapper class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added to the game in the November 2016 update.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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With the rate of fire of an SMG, the form factor of a carbine and a revolutionary magazine capacity upgrade solution, the Stacker is the perfect option for boosting up your damage and rate of fire the more precise you are.
—Official weapon description
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onHeckler & Koch HK417
Damage34 (base stats)~
40 (max stats)
Rate of fire550 (base stats)-600 (max stats) RPM
AccuracyMedium - low
HandlingMedium - high
MobilityMedium - high
Magazine size25 - 28 - 30 (36 with Vulcan helmet)
Starting ammo22 magazines
Reloading0.5 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
TierT8 Prestige
Unlocked25 Blueprints

The Stacker is an assault rifle featuring similar damage and range to the WES, but with higher rate of fire, maximum armor penetration, and a very fast reload speed of less than 1 second (the weapon utilizes a "clip feeding" mechanism).

The Stacker’s second advantage over the WES is its special Prestige feature, in which the weapon's rate of fire and damage increases with each opponent hit. The boosts from each hit are stacked together (hence the name of the weapon).

Each hit is registered on a counter next to the reload icon, which caps at 5, with the boost lasting for 10 seconds before resetting. Each boost increases damage by 1 the rate of fire by 10 RPM. Without boots, the Stacker can potentially kill in 3 shots at 550 RPM. After "stacking up" to a full 5-hit "boost", the weapon can potentially kill in 3 shots at 600 RPM, a rate of fire second only to the initial burst of the FS80. This gives the Stacker a very fast Time-to-kill, beating the KOG V or the Bramson. Coupled with its fast reload speed, the Stacker makes offensive play a more viable option for the Sapper.

The main disadvantage of the Stacker is its mediocre accuracy at long ranges and wide spread, making it ideal for close-mid range combat a la The Enforcer, and more ineffective at longer ranges than the WES or the PR39, with aiming down the sight being mandatory for effective long-range combat; likewise it is unable to equip a grip to improve accuracy. It is also worth mentioning that the ammo reserve of the Stacker is the lowest of the Sapper's primary weapons, at 870 bullets (though still significantly higher than that of most primary weapons of other classes).

  • High damage and fast time-to-kill in close range combat
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • High rate of fire
  • Very fast reload speed
  • Special ROF stacking mechanic
  • Below average accuracy and inability to equip grips
  • Effectiveness decreases at longer ranges
  • Fairly low cllp size
  • Magazine will be spent quickly

Trivia Edit

  • The Stacker's recoil and spread were originally much lighter, but the weapon was considered to be overpowered and was downgraded in an update by Gameloft.
  • As with the V.L.I.-35, the Stacker paired with the Shoulder Gun is often a popular combination among higher-league players for a more aggressive playstyle with the Sapper, as the Stacker's high time-to-kill and very fast reload make charging the enemies more viable.

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