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A Sniper Scope is a type of gun sight that replaces the Iron Sights by default on all sniper rifles in the Modern Combat series.

Modern Combat: SandstormEdit

The Sniper Scope can be seen on the M40A3, the only sniper rifle in the game.The scope allows for approximately a 5x zoom, letting the player engage enemies at very long ranges.


Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit

The Sniper Scope returns in Black Pegasus for use on the M40A3 and the Dradonitch. The zoom levels are the same as in the previous game, but the Dradonitch uses an SVD-style scope with a different reticule.


Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

The Sniper Scope returns again in Modern Combat 3, this time with a completely different look, new reflective textures on the lens, a standardized reticle, and a new, raised mount. The Sniper Scope is the default attachment for the game's two sniper rifles, but players now have the option to swap the scope for an ACOG Scope or a Thermal Scope in multiplayer.


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

The scopes in Zero Hour are all the same, except the color of the reticle differing.

Before the first update, the view of the E24 SASR scoped in was as small as that of the Thermal LCD. Now the scope view is the same as the rest of the sniper rifles.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Blackout is the first game in the series to feature multiple sniper scopes. There are scopes with x4, x6, x6 with thermal highlighting, x10 and x12 zoom.

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