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Shield Rush is a skill in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

Shield Rush
MC5-Shield Rush
EffectAllows players to charge at enemies with shield (activated by pressing the CROUCH button with shield deployed). After activating, the player will charge forward automatically for 5 seconds (at a higher speed than normal sprinting) and can be "steered" left and right (the charge can also be interrupted by if the player runs into a wall or obstacle). Making contact with an enemy while charging deals a substantial amount of damage and at Rank 2 will blind the enemy with the shield's strobe lights for about 4 seconds (the effect is akin to that of a Flash grenade).
Cost1 SP (Rank 1); 1 SP (Rank 2)
Rank 1
Charge forward with your shield up! Players hit by the shield will suffer 50 points of damage.
Rank 2
Players hit by the shield will suffer 80 points of damage and will be temporarily blinded by its built-in strobe lights.

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