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Scout Drone in Rinnoji Temple

The Scout Drone (sometimes referred to as M.A.D.) is a support featured in Modern Combat 5:Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Scout Drone
EffectSearches for enemies within a 15-meter range.
Duration10 seconds
Kills required3
Countered by* EMP Strike

The Scout Drone is a drone that acts as a scout that scans the immediate area within its radius and marks friendlies and hostiles on the player's sight. It acts very similarly with the Integrated Radar.

Campaign Edit

The Scout Drone is first obtained in the Rinnoji Temple by Phoenix. It is also present on Bomb Squad Spec Ops missions, where the player must locate a bomb. The drone will highlight the bomb. It can also distract hostile NPCs while they try to shoot it down which gives the player a chance to take them down.

Multiplayer Edit

The Drone is a Military Support in multiplayer. Its alternative is the Recon Aircraft, which scans the whole map but without highlighting the hostiles on the player's HUD.

It can be very helpful with sniper rifles, to predict the enemies' actions. The Scout Drone can be shot down with explosives or bullets. It will also be automatically destroyed when the player who deployed it was killed, or when the drone has been activated for 15-20 seconds.

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