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> For the Zero Hour equivalent, see Recon Aircraft.

The Satellite Scan is a Military Support reward available in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's multiplayer.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Satellite Scan
MC3-Satellite Scan
EffectShow enemies on Radar
Duration30 seconds
Kills required3
Countered byCamouflage

The Satellite Scan debuts in Modern Combat 3, requiring three kills without dying (two with Field Specialist and one with Field Specialist Elite). The Scan reveals enemy positions on the player's and teammates' radar, even when they are not firing their weapons, unless they have Camouflage equipped. The Scan is in real-time and lasts for 30 seconds. Satellite Scans do not stack, and calling in another scan while one almost depleted will cancel the current scan and begin a new 30 second cycle. If the Scan is deployed not long ago then attempting to deploy one will not do anything.


  • There is a bug where if you attempt to deploy a Satellite Scan while one is still in use, the scan will reset for you, and only you.

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