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The SLAK 7H is a revolving grenade launcher which appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

S‑41 GL   HEV Mk 51   CTK‑88 Crumplor   ZAB IS07   SLAK 7H   LGR 35   COM 4   V.L.A.D.    
Likely based onM32 MGL
UsersCaydan Phoenix
DamageModerate (direct hit)
Splash damage is low
Rate of fire180~ RPM
RangeLow - medium
Magazine size6
Reloading2 - 3 seconds
Fire modeRevolving
Unlocked10 blueprints

The SLAK 7H is the Tier 5 launcher of the Heavy class. It is a revolving grenade launcher with a 6-shot capacity, with 2 spare grenades in reserve. Combined with its very high rate of fire - capable of dispersing 6 grenades in approximately 3 seconds, the weapon has a potentially high time-to-kill.

It is fairly popular in multiplayer due to being one of the easier launchers to use, requiring less precision than launchers such as the ZAB IS07 or RPGs such as the HEV Mk 51 - as a player can simply lay waste to an area with rapid grenade fire. The weapon makes use of a speed reloader upon reloading, giving it a reload time of about 1 second.

  • Very high rate of fire
  • Potentially faster time-to-kill than the COM 4
  • Effective against groups of enemies
  • Decent mobility

  • Lower damage-per-grenade than most other launchers
  • Magazine will be spent quickly

Campaign Edit

The SLAK-7H is used by the player in the mission "Getaway", to defend the van in which the player is escaping.

Trivia Edit

  • The SLAK-7H was the only multi-shot grenade launcher in the Modern Combat series until the Spring Update, which added the LGR 35.

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