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The SGS armored personnel carrier is a combat vehicle in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

SGS Armored Personnel Carrier
RoleInfantry support, Tranportation
OperatorsSaunders Global Security
Unified Citizens
The SGS Armored Personal Carrier is seen very commonly throughout the Zero Hour campaign and is used by both SGS and Unified Citizens. The APC's roles are infantry support and transportation. Its main weapon is a heavy machine gun turret manned by an operator. The APC can be destroyed anyway possible by small arm fire, explosives like frag grenades or launchers, throwing knives, etc.

There are two useful tactics when going against a SGS APC. One tactic is to quickly fire a grenade launcher round at it in which results to instantly destroying the APC. Another tactic is to shoot the gunner at the head to make the APC less of a threat.

Gallery Edit

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