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The Charbtek Corporation SFS CTK-12 is a sniper rifle in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

X6 .338   E24 SASR   SFS CTK-12    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onMk 12 SPR
/  \
/  \
/  \
/  \
Deep Impact rounds
Rate of fire150 RPM~
RangeVery high
HandlingMedium - low
Magazine size10 (Standard magazine)
18 (Extended magazine)
8 (Explosive rounds)
5 (Deep Impact rounds)
Starting ammo70
Fire modeSemi-automatic
CostMC4 Cost 155,000 (iOS)
MC4 Cost 105,000 (Android)
The semi-automatic CTK-12 Special Forces Sniper Rifle is designed to be lightweight and customizable for rapid incapacitation and quick engagement. It can fire high-powered ammunitions such as explosive rounds.

The SFS CTK-12 is a sniper rifle that only appears in multiplayer. It is a superior version of the E24 SASR at close ranges. Costing 155,000 credits, this is the most expensive weapon on the iOS version. Compared to the E24 SASR, this weapon has less minimal damage, but less recoil.

Campaign Edit

The SFS CTK-12 does not appear in the campaign due to being released in an update.

Multiplayer Edit

Available for purchase in the armoury for 155,000 credits (105,000 credits on Android) the SFS-CTK 12 is an unusual weapon in the game, let alone in the sniper category. It is a semi-automatic weapon that deals higher damage than the E24 SASR at mid-ranges when striking the body. However, at longer ranges, contrary to its stats, it deals the lowest damage of all the sniper rifles when striking the body and the limbs, requiring a shocking 4 shots to kill. For this reason, many players who want a semi-automatic sniper rifle favour the E24, as it has a much cheaper price tag and better performance far away.

However, the SFS CTK-12 does have its upsides. The damage up to mid-range when paired with the Deep Impact rounds is good, somewhat like the X6 .338. The SFS CTK-12 also has lower recoil than the E24 SASR, having less side-to-side wobble (although both weapons share the same center speed). The SFS CTK-12 is also the only sniper rifle in MC4 to have a customisable stock, and it is also capable of firing explosive rounds, hence the description of the weapon. This makes the SFS CTK-12 a very versatile sniper rifle.

However, the SFS CTK-12 does have its downsides. One of the biggest ones, is the aforementioned low damage at long range. This steep damage drop means that the SFS CTK-12 is the worst sniper rifle for use at long range. Deep Impact rounds can remedy this somewhat, turning it into a two-shot at all ranges unless one is a headshot, although the E24 SASR is far better for this role, with a much cheaper price tag. The SFS CTK-12 also suffers from a very slow reload time, and cannot be effectively reload canceled as the X6 .338.

Despite its flaws, the SFS CTK-12 is a very capable marksman weapon, effective at ranges beyond the effective reach of assault rifles, but not at true-long range sniper territory. At mid-range, the damage is higher than that of the E24 SASR. Deep Impact rounds can be a worthwhile attachment to bolster your ability at mid-range, turning the SFS into a deadly marksman rifle. Alternatively, you could use Explosive rounds for a support-role, crippling enemies at long range, while your teammates can eliminate them. However, even with its customisation options and higher damage at mid-range than the E24, the SFS is one of the least commonly used weapons online, as the X6 .338 is a much more popular and cheaper choice, thanks to its sheer one-shot killing ability.

  • Higher damage from short to mid range than the E24 SASR
  • Higher damage than the E24 SASR when Deep Impact rounds are equipped
  • Highest DPS sniper rifle up close
  • Faster fire rate than the X6 .338
  • More customization options than the other sniper rifles
  • Lowest damage sniper rifle at long range
  • Long reload time
  • Terrible handling and mobility characteristics
  • High price

Trivia Edit

  • It was first seen in the Meltdown Update trailer.
  • It has the same HUD icon as the E24 SASR.
  • The weapon's scope reticle glows bright blue in darkly lit areas. 
  • It is the most expensive weapon available on the iOS version.
  • The SFS CTK-12 is the only sniper rifle in Zero Hour that has a customisable stock.
  • The bullets in the magazine are 2D.
  • The words "M-28 Assault Rifle" are inscribed in the weapon just above the magazine. This is best seen when viewed in the Armoury.

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