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The Rod-94 is a sniper rifle that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

ASIX‑338   Norbok‑38   Aresk‑07   Rod‑94   E24 SASR   IMP‑S   BSW 77   Dread Eye   Vice    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onAccuracy International AS50
Rate of fire180 RPM
AccuracyHigh-very high
Magazine size5 - 10 - 15
Starting ammo19 magazines
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlocked4 Blueprints

The Rod-94 is the Tier 4 weapon of the Sniper class. Performance-wise it is a low-recoil, automatic sniper rifle similar to the Norbok-38, but statistically superior - featuring a noticeable boost in damage, range, and armor penetration. By default it has only 5 bullets in each magazine, but can be upgraded to 15 with an extended magazine. Because of its lower rate of fire compared to the ASIX-338, using attachments which boost damage can be used to help put its time-to-kill on par.

The damage output of the Rod-94 is lower than the Aresk-07 and the E24 SASR, and even with attachments which boost damage, it will only be able to achieve a 2-shot kill to the body at best (despite a damage statistic potentially reading equal to the Aresk-07).

The Rod-94 is a fairly popular choice in multiplayer matches due to its overall versatility, decent armor penetration, and low unlock requirements.

  • Outclassed in most areas by the E24 SASR

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