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> For the soldier class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout, see Recon (soldier class).

Recon is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

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ArchetypeClose range
MissionHostile Territories

Recon is a small multiplayer map based from the campaign mission Hostile Territories. It takes place at an Alaskan outpost which includes a complex layout of small buildings, rooms, and pathways. Engagements are mostly at close range.

The center of the map is relatively open, and where the majority of mid range combat occurs. Surrounding it is a network of interconnected buildings and rooms where combat is essentially always at very close range. Shotguns and SMGs are particularly effective here. There are two accessible levels that can be accessed, and there are usually pathways on both levels that lead to any given section of the map. This network of pathways actually helps to accommodate large numbers of players fairly well, given the relatively small size of the map compared to others.

Recon is well suited to any game mode, and is indeed one of the most popular maps in the game, because it can boast frantic, fast-paced gameplay all around.


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