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Readied Shot is a skill introduced to Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour in the Meltdown Update.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Readied Shot
MC4-Readied Shot
Effectfurther increasing hip fire accuracy when crouched
Specialization[[Stealth (specialization)|Stealth (specialization)]]
UnlockedLevel 30
CostMC4 Cost 30,000
[[category:Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Stealth (specialization) Skills]]

The Readied Shot perk sits alongside the Tactical Mask skill as one of the third-tier skills for the Stealth (specialization). When equipped, this perk further increases hip fire accuracy when crouched. This perk is very useful for weapons with wide hip fire boxes like the Charbtek-28, OPS65, and Viny Pro for much improved hip fire accuracy when crouched. However, Tactical Mask is still the stronger choice, as it will have a bigger effect on gameplay. Crouching slows the player down enormously, so if you wish to be as accurate as possible but sidestepping as fast as possible, use Paragon Striker in the Intervention specialisation, as you will be in ADS, yet have a slightly faster sidestepping.

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