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Rapture is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. It was added in the Team Manhunt Update, which is only available on iOS devices. It takes place in a village within a mountain top jungle.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

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LocationKijang, North Korea
SizeVery large
TerrainUrban Jungle
ArchetypeLarge clashes
A village showdown in the middle of the jungle!

Rapture is a large sized multiplayer map. It has few long range areas to user sniper rifles with, and has several buildings packed closely, making this a very CQC map. Towards the center of the map, is the remains of a gate to a housing area, where a truck appears to have destroyed an entire tower and the gate, leaving only one tower intact. The map has one waterfall, a stream, and a river, with the stream and river colliding together to form one river heading into a cave.

Tips Edit

  • The hill provides a good sniper spot, with sight lines to the village.
  • Rapture's size makes it perfect for strategic team-based games like Team Manhunt and Zone Control.

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