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> For the mission, see 03: Raiders.
TypeStreet gang

The Raiders is an enemy faction featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Equipment Edit

The Raiders appear to be quite well-equipped, since they have done numerous thefts and looting. They are dressed in traditional militia clothing, and some members have masks on their faces. They also have light military trucks which they use to patrol the streets.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

The Raiders are a street gang who used the chaos created by the Tokyo attack to expand their reach and power. Under the banner of "claiming the streets," they pillage and kidnap to fund their assault on Tokyo. They are the majority of the remaining personnel in Tokyo.

0026-06-11 23.05.05

The leader of the raiders confronting Phoenix

They are first seen at Rinnoji Temple where they try to steal medical supplies and violently invade the temple. They are repelled by Phoenix, later joined by Tukura as they escape to downtown Tokyo. However, Phoenix and Tukura are attacked by Raiders in the streets, which resulted in themselves having to travel by foot towards their safehouse. 

The duo make their way to the safehouse using a stolen van, only to find it under siege by raiders. Along with Roux the Gilman operators succeed in clearing the safehouse.

The Raiders' fate is unknown after the team sets up beacons to disable drones within the city.

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Trivia Edit

  • Raiders is the only enemy faction in the Modern Combat series that isn't a terrorist organization or a military group.

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