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> For the mine in Fallen Nation, see Mine.
> For the mine in Blackout, see Sticky Mine.

A Proximity Mine is a mine that players can equip with the Demolition specialization.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Proximity Mine
MC4-Proximity Mine
UnlockedRank 30
CostMC4 Cost 20,000

A player who has this perk is equipped with one mine. When deploying, press the icon of the mine, and it will be deployed at the spot where the player is standing. The mine detonates upon direct contact, thus most likely killing the player. It is also destructible with bullets or grenades, however in this case the mine does not detonate.

Recommendations Edit

This is extremely useful in Capture the Flag, as a mine can be hidden under your team's flag, dooming every enemy that tries to take it. It is also helpful when you place it under the enemy flag. They get a surprise when they score a point. However, for these tactics, C4 Explosives are better suited because of their bigger blast radius. However, the C4 needs to be detonated manually while the Proximity Mine does not.

As well as being useful for snipers, who can cover their flank more easily with a well-placed mine, mines can be placed around corners in high-traffic areas.

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