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Privilege is a skill in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, and in the Front Line specialisation for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

EffectHealth and speed bonus for 10 seconds after respawning
UnlockedRank 1
CostMC3 Credit5,000
Privilege Elite
EffectHealth and speed bonus for 20 seconds after respawning
CostMC3 Credit60000

Privilege enables the user to automatically receive a temporary health and speed bonus for 10 seconds after respawning. This can be useful when spawn trapped, particularly on Alert.

Privilege Elite Edit

Privilege Elite extends the health and speed bonus to 20 seconds instead of 10.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

EffectAfter respawning, health and movement speed increased, killer is highlighted on the radar for a short period of time
SpecializationFront Line
CostMC4 Cost 5,000

Privilege sits alongside Military Tactician as one of the first-tier perks in the Front Line specialisation, and is unlocked at Level 10. Available at 5,000 credits, when this perk is equipped, after every death, the screen illuminates a dark purple, as health and movement speed is increased and the killer is highlighted on the radar for a short period of time.

This perk does not take effect if the player killed him/herself.

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