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The Phase Canceller is a type of suppressor that appears in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Sound Suppressor   Linear Compensator   Integral Suppressor   Phase Canceller    
Phase Canceller
File:MC4-Phase Canceller.png
Based onTitan QD Fast-Attach
IncreasesStealth (100%)
DecreasesMobility (10%)
Accuracy (5%)
CostMC4 Cost ?

The Phase Canceller is exclusive to the X6 .338.


The Phase Canceller doesn't appear in the campaign just like the rest of the silencers.


This suppressor appears in multiplayer as a muzzle for the X6 .338. It will make you undetectable when shooting. The Integral Suppressor has the same effect plus decreases recoil, making it more attractive.

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  • Since there is a specially designed suppressor for the AX338, the sniper rifle the X6 .338 is based after, this may be the suppressor that is based on the specially designed suppressor for the AX338.

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