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> For the equipment in Fallen Nation, see Radar Jammer.

The Personal Jammer is a skill for the Intervention specialisation in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Personal Jammer
MC4-Personal Jammer
EffectJams the radar of enemies in its vicinity.
UnlockedRank 20
CostMC4 Cost 10,000
Jams the radar of enemies in your vicinity.
—In-game description

The Personal Jammer is a second-tier skill, unlocked at Level 20 and available for 10,000 credits, the other second tier skill in the Intervention class being Grenade Belt. Like Grenade Belt, the Personal Jammer is a perk unlocked at Rank 20 for the Intervention specialization. It jams the radar of all enemies in its vicinity within a range of 20 meters, similar to the Radar Jammer in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, except it isn't a device that needs to be placed down. Instead, it stays on your character at all times. The radar on the HUD for all enemies are replaced with static. This can be really helpful in sneaking up on enemies following you, as they don't know your position. This perk can also be useful on enemies that have Military Tactician involved, where Recon Aircrafts are common.

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