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Paragon Juggernaut is a fourth-tier skill in the Front Line specialization for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Paragon Juggernaut
MC4-Paragon Juggernaut
EffectIncreases the player's maximum health by 25%
SpecializationFront Line
CostMC4 Cost 35,000

Paragon Juggernaut sits alongside Nanofiber Vest as one of the fourth-tier perks in the Front Line specialisation. At first glance, both seem to have the exact same purpose. However, the Nanofiber Vest absorbs 25% of the damage taken, while Paragon Juggernaut increases the health by 25%, meaning that there is no counter to Paragon Juggernaut, while there is a counter to the Nanofiber Vest, which are the Armor-Piercing rounds.

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