Armor is a type of equipment in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

In Modern Combat 5, each character loadout includes a suit of Armor comprised of 4 parts (helmet, torso, arms, legs). Each Armor part provides a certain amount of bullet and explosive protection; the total combined amounts of protection from all 4 parts the player has equipped is stacked and applied across the entire suit of armor; helmets do not provide any additional protection, however each helmet type provides the player with a unique benefit, as well as a drawback (e.x. the Pilot helmet gives the player immunity to flash grenades, but at the cost of slightly reduced mobility).

Each character class comes with a basic suit of Armor by default, but the player can unlock new types of armor by purchasing Supply Packs (with the exception of certain high-tier Armor such as the Kemono armor or the Paragon armor, which can only be unlocked by participating in Events or by reaching a certain VIP level).

In addition, the player can attach Armor Cores to their Armor suits, which provide special enhancements and benefits. (However the player must be wearing a complete matching suit of armor in order to attach Armor Cores).

Click here for a full list of Armor suits in MC5.

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