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Pablo al-Banni
AppearancesModern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation (mentioned)
PositionDrug lord
DeathSouth America, Shanty Town
Killed byAnderson

Pablo Al-Banni was a South American drug lord, terrorist and the main antagonist in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

The Great Escape Pt. 1 Edit

> Main article: 01: The Great Escape Pt. 1.

Al-Banni first appeared in mission 1 where Downs and Newman were captured. He was with his translator trying to make Newman talk but instead gave up and left after knocking Newman unconscious with the butt of an AK-47.

To the Summit Pt. 2 Edit

> Main article: 09: To the Summit Pt. 2.

Al-Banni was mentioned in mission 9 after Dobrynya Popovich captured Downs and Newman and sent them to Pablo, revealed to be Popovich's boss. This happens before Mission 1 in the storyline.

Palace Invasion Edit

> Main article: 11: Palace Invasion.

Razor Squad invaded Al-Banni's Palace and he escaped to a Shanty Town in Rio. Razor Squad followed him but with the death of Rollins.

Shanty Town Edit

> Main article: 12: Shanty Town.

When Anderson nearly got close to him a helicopter soon attacked him, and it was soon shot down by an RPG-7 that Anderson found. Al-Banni then jumped off a cliff and tried to escape by broading a rescue helicopter. Anderson soon jumped on board, trying to kill Al-Banni. During the fight Al-Banni accidently shot the pilot and the helicopter crashed. Anderson woke up with Al-Banni in front of him trying to stab him with a knife. Anderson put a grenade in his mouth, which exploded in his head.

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Al-Banni was mentioned by Downs in Martyrdom, screaming at Dobrynya Popovich after he changed the codes for the nuclear missile launch. He shouts. "Al-Banni is waiting for you in hell! My job is to arrange the meeting." and on the Fallen Nation blog.

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