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Overload is a skill in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

Overload is the sixth skill in the X1-Morph soldier class.

EffectWhen dying, player has a chance of releasing EMP blast which reveals all enemies on the map, Player also has a chance of being able to stay alive for 5 seconds after taking fatal damage, in which only melee attacks can be performed. (Combine with Assimilation skill - in which melee attacks fully restore HP - for best results.)
Cost6 SP (Rank 1); 5 SP (Rank2)
Rank 1
When dying, you have a chance to trigger an EMP blast, revealing all enemies on the map. The EMP does not affect the Morph.
Rank 2
Backup power allows the X1-Morph to still function for a short time even after taking fatal damage. In this state, only melee attacks can be performed.

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