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Oppertunism is a fourth-tier skill in the Stealth (specialization) for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

EffectCauses the player to do more damage against stunned, crippled or blinded enemies
CostMC4 Cost 5,000

The Opportunism perk is unlocked at level 10 in the Stealth (specialization) once full specialization customisation is unlocked. It sits alongside the Sneak perk as the first-tier perk, and once Opportunism is equipped, it causes the player to do more damage against crippled, stunned or blinded enemies. This perk can be very useful should the player want to equip a shotgun or the SFS CTK-12 with explosive rounds, as the player will make their explosive rounds that much more effective without having to go to the Demolition specialization and equip the fourth-tier perk Explosives Expert.

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