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> For the similar perk in Zero Hour, see One Last Thing.

One More Thing is a skill in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

One More Thing
MC3-One More Thing
EffectDrop an incendiary grenade upon death
UnlockedRank 27
CostMC3 Credit5,000

One More Thing causes the player to automatically drop an incendiary grenade immediately after death, harming or killing any enemy nearby. This perk is not a particularly common choice online, as the grenade is easily spotted and therefore avoided, and also for the fact there are other skills that are generally considered to be more useful.

One More Thing Elite Edit

One More Thing Elite changes the grenade dropped from an incendiary to a normal frag grenade, allowing for a larger and deadlier blast radius. However, the grenade takes time to detonate, so much like the incendiary grenade, it can be easily avoided.

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