The OR-HE is a Prestige light machine gun of the Support class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout,

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

SODAW‑74   RSR 45   AX‑100 II   Stainen 56   QKR‑89   Shred‑4   Hauzzer 45   OR‑HE   R.C.F.‑08    
Machine gun which has increased damage and rate of fire while in aim mode at the cost of movement speed. Also provides a front shield that mitigates frontal damage.
—Official weapon description
TypeLight Machine Gun
TierT8 Prestige
Unlocked25 blueprints

The OH-HE is a unique light machine gun (LMG) with solid damage and rate of fire, as well as large ammo capacity. When in aiming mode, it receives an increase in damage and rate of fire at the expense of mobility, a similar mechanic to that of the KOG V. Like other Prestige weapons, it also features maximum armor penetration.

The weapon also features a unique frontal "energy shield" which mitigates damage from bullets when hit in the front while aiming. However player movement speed decreases noticeably while in aim mode, and it lacks an attachable scope, which gives it a downside compared to other LMGs when engaging targets at longer ranges, and tends to be less popular in multiplayer than the LMGs such as the QKR-89, Shred-4, and the Hauzzer 45.

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