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> For the weapon, see Nuclear weapon.

The Nuclear Missile is a Military Support item available in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's multiplayer.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Nuclear Missile
MC3-Nuclear Missile
EffectEnds the match in a win in 15 seconds
Kills required20
19 (Field Specialist)
18 (Field Specialist Elite)

The Nuclear Missile makes its first and only appearance in Modern Combat 3, requiring 20 kills without dying (18 with Field Specialist Elite). Kills from other military support items do not count- only those from guns, knives, or grenades. When activated, the player calls in a nuclear missile that detonates after 15 seconds, killing all players and ending the match, and an automatic victory for the team that launched it.

Nukes are extremely rare, due to the difficulty of achieving them. However, once one is called in, there is no stopping it. Unless the player quits before the countdown ends, there is no escaping the blast, and no defense against it.

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Trivia Edit

  • Launching a nuke is the only way to kill a teammate.
  • If a player kills a teammate with the nuke, it will subtract kills.
  • There's a bug and it's when a player dies right before the nuke explodes, after respawning, the player will not be harmed from the nuke or from other players since the game recognizes that all players are dead from the blast.