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AppearancesModern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
StatusAlive / POW
AffiliationsKhalis Ghazi, Dobrynya Popovich (direct), Abu Bahaa (implied)

Nikitich (Russian: Никитич) is an antagonist that appears in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

Nikitich is Khalis Ghazi's boss. He is Russian, and his first name is unknown. He is first introduced in Operation Troika, in which Private Newman and the rest of Mustang Squad are sent after him based on intelligence gather from Khalis Ghazi during Oil Slick. After heavy fighting, Nikitich makes an attempt to flee in a tank but fails to do so and is captured. Immediately after his capture he reveals Dobrynya Popovich as his boss, and that he is located in "some Cold War bunker".

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