There are various types of items which players can earn or purchase in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Item types Edit

Currencies Edit

Credits are one of the main in-game currencies; they can be purchased with real-world currency or earned through gameplay and completing Activities. Credits can be used to purchase Supply Packs, Black Market items, and Power User status, and can also be used to refill Suit Abilities. Players can also exchange credits for Diamond Dust on the Black Market.

Diamond Dust is the other major in-game currency; and is earned by completing matches or by playing as the Bounty Hunter class. Diamond Dust also used as a substitute reward when opening Supply Packs if a player receives duplicates of collectibles (such as Weapon Camos) which they already own. Diamond Dust is primarily used for purchasing items on the Black Market, and like credits can also be used for refilling Suit Abilities. (It can also be used to purchase Boosters in Boosted Event Activities).

Skill Points are used to upgrade each class's skills. They can be earned by leveling up, completing campaign missions, or by completing Activities.

VIP Points are automatically accumulated every time a player purchases credits; when a player accumulates specific numbers of VIP Points, their VIP Level increases (from 0-10) which unlocks special bonuses, such as increased XP and Weapon score from multiplayer matches.

Bundles Edit

Bundles allow the player to purchase premium content (such as the Bounty Hunter class) with Credits or directly with real-world currency. The Bundles tab can be accessed via the Black Market.

Collectibles Edit

These include in-game items such as weapon blueprints, weapon attachments, armor parts, camos, and killsigns. They can be earned by purchasing Supply Packs with Credits, or from the Black Market with Diamond Dust, as well as earned through gameplay and participating in Activities

Consumables Edit

Consumables are items use to upgrade weapons the player owns, which include Mod Kits, Mastery Kits, and Weapon Parts. They can be earned from Supply Packs, purchased on the Black Market, as well as earned through gameplay and participating in Activities

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